About the Book

Note to Parents, Grandparents and Caregivers

This book began out of my own search to bring spiritual meaning and awareness to my own two granddaughters, especially on holidays.

It seemed that there was very little in children’s literature to be found that was not religiously oriented, or only whimsical in nature. I wanted something that touched their hearts, that gave them a deeper understanding of the holidays while holding true to the spirit, joyfulness and traditions of the day.

So one Easter, I decided to write my own poem for them to read aloud at dinnertime and they enjoyed it so much that I decided to write another for Earth Day, then one for Thanksgiving, until I had one for each of the main holidays and special days, every one with a particular spiritual message that the day represented.

Some spiritual concepts may be complex or new for adults, so we may ask how children can understand them? But it’s my belief that children intuit words through a feeling-sense and so understand at a level that surpasses the intellectual mind; it’s meaning felt through “The Heart of a Child”.

We all have such a Heart within us.